A very warm welcome to my collection of photographs.

The bulk of the site is dedicated to the railways of Scotland in the early 1980's. As many will know, this was a time of great change for the railways with the last vestiges of the steam era infrastructure being replaced through rationalisation and, of course, sectorisation and privatisation were looming large. Living and working in the east of the country means that images of this area naturally predominate but I did try to travel as much as opportunity and funds would allow!

For the photographers, most of the images were scanned from Kodachrome 64 35mm transparencies with a few Ektachrome and Fujichrome for good measure. The original camera equipment was Yashica and Contax using Zeiss and Yashica ML lenses.

I have recently added a few galleries covering other aspects of my collection.

As time allows, I plan to add many more images to the site - and possibly videos too - hint, hint! Until then please visit my Youtube channel which has a small collection of Scottish railway videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/jbg06003?feature=mhee

I hope that you enjoy your visit and find something of interest.

All the best