Gordon Stevenson(non-registered)
All I can do is echo the sentiments of those who have written before me; thank you so very much for sharing your excellent photographs. I'm just old enough to remember the final days of proper loco-hauled trains in the Highlands before the Sprinters took over, and your stunning WHL and Far North sets take me right back to those hazy summers as if it were yesterday. Once again, thank you for sharing!
Paul Smith(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing these photos, some great images of Dundee that bring back memories of long ago and are very helpful to my next project. Best Wishes.
Wow. Fantastic photos that take me back to growing up beside Kingsknowe station in the 80s and long summer days spent dawdling at Waverley. Thanks for sharing and the YouTube clips are first class also!
kev the dentist(non-registered)
nice trains
Amazing photos Bruce. They bring back many happy memories to me, even if I do not appear to be in any. Andrew is modelling 47 045 for me at present and that photo of it at Dundee on an Edinburgh - Aberdeen service passing the old semiphores and signal box just brings them all flooding back to me. Thanks Bruce!
Eugene Windsor(non-registered)
Thank you so much for directing me here from your Flickr site. I've really enjoyed looking through your 214 Fife photos! I only moved to Fife in 1984 and did not start using the railway frequently till 1999, so it was fascinating for me to look back at how things were in the eighties. It was especially intriguing to see how much infrastructure has gone in that time and how much freight traffic there was 30 years ago compared to now. I suspect today's passenger services are much better than they were - these 101s did not look good - I seem to remember them in the sixties as a boy (and they weren't great then either) so they had definitely served their time by the eighties. When I started commuting 150s were still in service and I was definitely glad to see the back of them too.
Your photos form a fascinating piece of history, thanks for sharing them. Eugene
David J(non-registered)
Bruce , this is fantastic stuff ! Thanks for sharing !
Your time capsule from Reddish is an absolute classic .
Hope to catch up again soon . Cheers, DJ
Gordon G(non-registered)
Some great memories, particularly the Glasgow and Edinburgh portions joining at Carstairs. On a couple of occasions the driver of the Edinburgh portion would let us on for a "hurl" to the siding and back into the station, a great thrill for a 7 or 8 year old to ride in the cab of a Class 47! Great pictures!
Martin Hart(non-registered)
Some great shots Bruce - they certainly brought back many memories.
Keith Verden-Anderson(non-registered)
Amazing! I have only been on this swite for a few moments, but know that I will enjoy it for many hours. Thanks for sharing with us all.
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